My little Paris in blossom: happy and lifting lockdown blues

My little Paris in blossom: ready for the photoshoot under the magnolia tree and daffodils

The winter has given up we hope. It feels like we have been starved and now we must feast! The combination of rough winter and Covid restrictions means we are all in the mood to soak up the spring at the height of its showiness. So spring is here. My little Paris in blossom finally. It seems all the trees have abruptly shaken the winter off. The whole city appears to burst into bloom simultaneously. Now is the time when Parisians head for their favourite spots to enjoy the spring blooms. From the various shades of green to yellow and pink, the city has everyone rushing outside. This the photo story.

It’s the first half of March 2021. One year on the Covid-19 pandemic has put a fierce damper on what we are used to. Curfew and other lockdown restrictions are still in place here. In a recent article by the Guardian, it was highlighted that “during lockdown, with life on pause and in need of solace, we tuned in to nature as never before. The UK Wildlife Trusts recorded a 2,000% increase in live webcam views”. So as temperatures suddenly soar, we rush to our shorts and dresses. We dive for all available sunny spots outdoors on one hand. Sunglasses firmly on our faces we queue for ice creams on the other hand. We rush for picnics. Because as always, spring seems to arrive from nowhere. 

My little Paris in blossom: dashing from park to park

The blossoming of Magnolias among other early blooms signals the first signs of spring. So in the span of a coffee or lunch, soaking up the sun sees no alternative. Whether it is a bench, a windowsill or a park. All are perfect to celebrate the arrival of spring. To celebrate the colours of Paris in bloom. 

The Jardin du Palais-Royal seems to be a favourite. It is my favourite. Everyone’s little secret. “Everyone’s private garden;  Blessedly public with corners to match every mood: protected corners for reflection; Artsy for inspiration. Exuberant sunny spaces and a playful fountain”. In this French-style garden, magnolia trees, planting beds and manicured edges all hold their owns. In addition, the two rows of planes trees are so perfectly trimmed into square shape you get a feeling of infinite-looking landscape. On a sunny day, we are fighting every Parisian here for that sunny spot.

The Jardin des Tuileries on the other side of the Louvre feels inspiring. Blissful. Seen with the early morning glow, blossoms appear as a “blur of cloud formations“. A tapestry of selected spring blooms covers the beds. The spectacular colours range from vivid pinks, deep purples, bright yellows and the purest of whites. It is all very mesmerising.

Frothy pink landscapes of magnolia and candy floss pink cherry blossoms

The morning light is brighter. The air is crisper. Days are much longer. The whole city is wrapped in an explosion of brightness. “Plane trees sprout foliage. City parks burst into blooms.” The explosion of colours is even more striking because of the unusual weather. With the prospect of a third lockdown looming above our heads, everything feels full of life. It seems Parisians are this year more than ever relishing the scent of blossoms. Marvelling at the fleeting sight that is My little Paris in blossom. Soaking up that “April in Paris” charms Frank Sinatra sung about. You can read the celebrations of Hanami in Paris here.

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