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    Now that you know how to contact us at Melting Sisters, do you know how people greet each other in other foreign lands?

    Well, In Tibet for instance, they stick their tongues out.  Blame it on the monks. It all began when monks would stick their tongues out to show that they came in peace.

    On the other hand they clap their hands in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. To clarify though, men would clap with fingers and palms aligned whereas women do so with their hands at an angle.

    In Japan, it’s all about bowing. Women do so with their hands on their thighs whilst men bow with their hands at their sides. In addition, the deeper the bow, the more respect one is showing.

    Life is a journey so don’t get stuck. Hop-in and let’s share our travel inspiration.

    In the meantime, click here to feed your wanderlust.


    Maddy and Morgane